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Chemistry Lab Equipment

As a leading lab equipment supplier, Block Scientific offers an extensive range of brand name chemistry lab equipment for use in chemistry laboratories in educational institutions, universities, and medical research facilities.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Scientific Experiments

At Block Scientific, we have a fine selection of lab equipment for all your science laboratory experiments and chemistry analytical needs. We offer both new and used lab equipment, which function perfectly.

You can buy the following quality chemistry laboratory equipment and supplies from Block Scientific:

We also provide lab parts, accessories, and consumables along with some of our new products, for you to make necessary replacements if required.

We Buy Used

Lab Equipment

We buy used lab equipment at fair market prices. All used products are refurbished to original manufacturer specifications by our factory trained technicians. Used equipment is passed through stringent quality analysis to ensure that it functions like new. We fully warranty each piece of refurbished chemistry equipment we provide. All our refurbished products are reasonably priced.

Real-time Repair and Maintenance Services

We provide the necessary repair and preventive maintenance services for the chemistry laboratory equipment you buy from us.

Our Service Highlights:

  • In-house service
  • Time and material service visits
  • Re-certify with 90 day parts warranty
  • Safe and quick shipping
  • Offer services of knowledgeable and dedicated technical team

Call Us Today

To learn more about the chemistry lab equipment we supply, visit our online store Call us at 1-866-203-5777 (Toll Free) or 631-589-1118, or send an email to, for queries regarding our products, services and warranties.