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Centrifuges Parts and Accessories

Block Scientific provides different kinds of centrifuges parts and accessories to meet varied laboratory requirements. Whichever be your preferred item, you can expect an industry-best price. As industry leaders, our aim is to provide the lab supplies you are looking for.

A wide range of parts and accessories are available across our centrifuge product line to fit the needs of you research application.

You can find many products including centrifuge tubes, adapters, microhematocrit reader, centrifuge rotors and accessories.

Given below are some products we offer at Block Scientific

  • Adapters, 0.5 mL, Pack of 6
  • Microcentrifuge Tube, 1.5mL, PP, No Cap, Graduated, Natural
  • Cytoclips, SS, 6/pkg
  • Single Cytofunnel, Caps, 500/pkg
  • Replacement Latch Tool
  • ClearCRIT Plastic Hematocrit Tubes
  • UNICO Microhematocrit Reader

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