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centrifuges block scientific, one of the leading laboratory equipment suppliers based in new york, has an extensive range of new and refurbished centrifuges. our collection includes our own reliable models as well as those from other well-known manufacturers such as lw scientific, unico and drucker diagnostics. whatever your desired applications may be – tissue culture, biotechnological research, clinical, molecular biology or other, we have just the equipment you need. block scientific also offers its own line of centrifuge. myfuge centrifuge is the centrifuge we offer.


laboratory centrifuges

of all kinds

our inventory includes reliable, quality and efficient centrifuges at affordable prices. you can choose from fixed-speed, variable speed, microhematocrit, horizontal, fixed angle, bench top and other kinds of models. given below are just some of the models you can order from our online store:

whichever model you order, it will be delivered to you safely and promptly. you need have no worries about availability because we constantly replenish our stock of medical and laboratory equipment. in fact, we have equipment of different kinds arriving at our store daily.

for those who would prefer a refurbished model over a brand new one, you would be happy to know that we offer a 90 day parts warranty for such models.

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you can find more information about centrifuges available with us by browsing our online store. if you have any product or service-related queries, do get in touch with us at 631-589-1118 or