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metrex cavicide 55 gallon (special order)

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metrex cavicide 55 gallon (special order)
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  2. cavicide 55 gallon
  3. met-13-1055

visit block scientific to purchase multi-purpose disinfectant/cleaner, 55 gallon drum. block scientific, a leading lab equipment supplier has in stock a wide range of surface disinfectants from metrex.

cavicide 55 gallon

from metrex

cavicide 55 gallon is a special order item. cavicide is a convenient, ready-to-use, intermediate-level surface disinfectant. it kills tb in 3 minutes and hbv, hcv, and hiv in 2 minutes. it is ideally suited for cleaning and decontamination of environmental and medical device surfaces.

it is safe for all areas of the facility including:

  • nicu
  • operating rooms
  • isolation rooms
  • patient care areas
  • laboratories

cavicide is safe for use on non-porous surfaces.

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