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lw scientific c-5 swing-out, 8-place (4ml-15ml), digital controls, 5000 rpms

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lw scientific c-5 swing-out, 8-place (4ml-15ml), digital controls, 5000 rpms
  1. lw scientific
  2. c5c-08su-15t3

leading lab equipment supplier block scientific has an extensive product portfolio that includes high quality new benchtop centrifuges. our collection of horizontal benchtop centrifuges features the 8-place c5 centrifuge which is designed to meet the changing needs of laboratories. this lw scientific centrifuge offers horizontal separation which is superior to traditional fixed-angle separations in many ways, including the advantage of tighter straight-line gel separations which reduce respins.

this model comes with programmable/digital controls and offers variable speeds up to 5,000 rpm (4,000 g), to produce platelet-poor-plasma in minutes.

specifications of the

8-place c5 centrifuge

  • digital display screen of 4-character
  • 1-60 minute programmable timer (digital)
  • 3-prong power cord
  • programmable speed of 800-5,000 rpm
  • 8 tube shields
  • brushless dc motor (whisper-quiet) handling high volume
  • 8 tube cushions to accommodate smaller tubes
  • impact-resistant lid with view port
  • tube shields and metal rotor are available


the c5 can spin tubes 128mm long by 16.5mm diameter (15ml size). the lid on the c-5 remains locked while at rest and while spinning. operation is simple: just program the time and speed, and press the start button.

  • only centrifuge for blood, urine, semen, fecals (with coverslips on tube), and microhematocrits
  • higher g-forces reduce spin time and eliminate high-potassium results
  • spins microhematocrits in 6-7 minutes
  • accurate processing via straight-line separation
  • rubber feet prevent slipping
  • safety ensured by zero-rpm interlocking lid which stays locked until rotor stops
  • easy clean-up possible with its wide mouth
  • fast separation possible with very high g-forces
  • veterinary fecal flotation that is accurate and fast
  • stable, durable and reliable benchtop centrifuge

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to know more about the lw scientific c-5 swing-out, 8-place centrifuge or other models of horizontal benchtop centrifuges we offer, call 631-589-1118 or write to visit our store to view our products and place orders.