Boekel Scientific Oven, Small, 115V

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Boekel Scientific Oven, Small, 115V

Manufacturer: Boekel Scientific
Model: Oven, Small, 115V
Product Code: 107800

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Block Scientific, a well-established lab equipment distributor in the United States, offers a series of brand new and refurbished laboratory equipment for various applications in healthcare, medical, research and scientific facilities. You can purchase the Oven, small, 115V model, which is ideal to be used for dry heat sterilization, annealing, drying samples and glassware, product age acceleration, evaporation and polymerizing plastics, at competitive prices from our store.

Boekel Scientific

Small Oven

, 115V

Small 115V ovens manufactured by Boekel Scientific are available in three different sizes. These equipment have overall dimensions of 34.9 cm x 34 cm x 41.9 centimeters (13 3/4″ x 13 1/2″ x 161/2″) W X D x H. They are integrated with a range of features including:

  • Aluminum coated interiors
  • Appended with two alterable tip-proof zinc coated steel shelves
  • Spirit filled thermometer
  • Double wall structure
  • Glass wool insulation
  • Bi-metallic thermostats
  • Natural air convection
  • 115V, 660W
  • Two year warranty

Oven, small 115 V has a net weight of 11.6 kg (26 lbs) and chamber dimensions 28.6 cm x 24.8 cm x 23.5 centimeters (11 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 9 1/4″) (WXDXH). These equipment have a chamber volume of around 16.7 liters (0.6 cu.ft). The double wall oven can attain its maximum temperature range, 225° in less than 30 minutes. Boekel ovens are not recommended for heating flammable materials. They should not be used under 100°C as well.

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For more information on the oven, small 115V model and other new Boekel Scientific ovens that you can buy from us, please visit our online store. For further queries, call 631-589-1118 or send an e-mail to