Phoenix Diagnostics Blood Gas / ISE Metabolite Linearity Controls

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 Phoenix Diagnostics Blood Gas / ISE Metabolite Linearity Controls

Manufacturer: Phoenix Diagnostics
Model: Blood Gas / ISE Metabolite
Product Code: PH5001

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Block Scientific, a leading lab equipment supplier in New York has a wide inventory of quality blood gas reagents, controls, and consumables for clinical laboratories. They offer protein-based, liquid stable Blood Gas / ISE Metabolite Linearity Controls that reduces time and risk. This test kit is designed to monitor the performance of blood gas and ion-selective electrode instruments in measuring pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Cl-, ionized calcium, magnesium, glucose, lactate, BUN, and creatinine. This blood gas test set helps clinicians in the documentation of instrumentation linearity, calibration verification and verification of linear change.

Blood Gas Analyzer

Product Description

Manufactured by Phoenix Diagnostics, these quality test sets are

  • Sealed in ampules containing buffers and salts in bovine serum matrix
  • Equilibrated with known levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen
  • Formulated into 5 distinct levels, with 3 ampules per level and 2mL per ampule


  • Matrix: Bovine
  • Analytes: pH, pCO2, pO2 / Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Lactate
  • Phoenix Pkg: 5x1x2ml
  • OEM Pkg: 5x1x2ml


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