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Blood Collection

Collect blood safely and easily with Block Scientific’s quality, hygienic blood collection supplies whether for human or veterinary applications. Block Scientific is an established laboratory equipment supplier in New York. We are committed to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction with our guarantee of great selection, service and value.

Blood Collection Solutions

to Meet Varied Requirements

Our collection includes needles, Vacuette blood collection tubes, urine collection solutions, Vacuette Aliquot tube and accessories, to suit various laboratory requirements. Given below are a few of the products we provide in this category:

  • Greiner VACUETTE® Serum Separation, Clot Activator Tubes with Separation Gel, 8 mL. Case of 1200
  • Single-Sample Blood Collection Needle for Veterinary Use Only by Greiner Bio One
  • Greiner* Winged Safety Blood Collection Sets with Luer Adapter, 21Gx12 in. Case of 1000
  • VACUETTE® K2 EDTA w/ Gel Separator , Molecular Diagnostic 4 ml
  • Greiner Vacuette Urine Culture (w/boric acid); Pull cap; Round base; 10.5mL; 16 x 100. Case of 1200
  • Polypropylene, Non-Evacuated Screw Cap, Solid White. 5 ml, 13 x 75. Case of 1500
  • Snappy Short Standard Holder w/ Ridges. Case of 2000

To see all the products we offer under this category, visit With our three decades of experience and established reputation as a reliable dealer in lab equipment, it is vital that we constantly replenish our stock and we do so. So, we are almost always able to ensure immediate availability of the products customers order from our store.

The other benefits of purchasing from our store are:

  • Outstanding pricing
  • Prompt and safe delivery
  • Shipping to clients within the U.S. as well as outside of it
  • Friendly, responsive and helpful customer service

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