Block Scientific’s newest Octafuge Plus Centrifuge is a great model and comes with all the features one would look for in a laboratory centrifuge such asOctafuge Plus Centrifuge

  • Good test tube capacity
  • Ease of specimen viewing
  • Safety and durability
  • Minimal maintenance

This great piece of lab equipment has an 8-tube capacity and can accommodate most test tubes of 3ml-15ml capacity. A centrifuge can inflict serious injury, but the Octafuge Plus is specially built to ensure user safety. It comes with a fixed speed rotor with 3300 RPM and features wide stance to buffer imbalance and prevent wobbling. Moreover, the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping. Another important safety feature is the auto-off 30-minute timer with bell.

The brushless motor (110V only) of the Octafuge Plus is virtually maintenance-free. The clear lid port allows easy viewing of specimens while in use. Other premium features of this new centrifuge include

  • Angled head rotor
  • 3,300 rpm fixed speed – for blood only
  • Maintenance free brushless motor (110V)
  • Blue LED power indicator light
  • 110V power (220V available)
  • Maximum RCF=1,350 g

Always ahead with new products designed to meet the growing requirements of modern medical and research labs, Block Scientific offers the Octafuge Plus Centrifuge at a very competitive price.