Utilizing the advanced features and specifications of VistaLab Ovation Pipettes, the pipetting procedures in the analysis of liquid chemicals can be carried out in an easier and more efficient manner. Owing to their great convenience, these pipettes are now widely used in many medical, scientific and research facilities.

Ergonomic Alternative for Your Research Facility

Manufactured by VistaLab, ovation pipettes are considered ergonomic alternatives to traditional pipettes. Ovation pipettes are available in a series of models with different capacities. These include Ovation Adjustable Volume Pipettes, Ovation Electronic Single Channel Pipettes, Ovation Electronic Multichannel Pipettes and Ovation Fixed Volume Pipettes. Using these pipettes, transferring of liquid can be performed in ergonomically correct postures at each phase of pipetting, which would lessen the stresses that cause pain and fatigue.

Innovative Features to Maintain Precision in Pipetting Procedures

To help the researchers in performing the pipetting procedures with superior accuracy, Vistalab ovation pipettes are incorporated with an array of advanced and user-friendly features. The important functionalities the users can find in Ovation Pipette Adjustable Volume 0.2ul-2ul model include:

  • Dispensing increments: 002 µL
  • Volume range: 0.2–2µL
  • One way disposable nozzle
  • Adjustable hook
  • Energy release button
  • Low force, form fitting plunger: enables manual speed control of aspirating and dispensing process with minimal effort

VistaLab Ovation Pipettes are absolutely free from contamination. These are designed in a way that prevents the liquid from dropping into the body of the device. Besides, the adjustable volume models are provided with single button controls for programming dispensing volumes.

Purchase VistaLab Ovation Pipettes from Recognized Dealers

For purchasing superior models of VistaLab Ovation Pipettes for your research facility, it is necessary to find dependable distributors in the industry. They can provide exact models that would meet your diagnostic applications at reasonable prices, and offer competent technical support for the pipettes.