Compared with water bath incubators, dry bath incubators are easy to run and require very littlie maintenance. There is not risk of moisture entering the tubes and affecting the reactions. The advantages are even more when the incubator is a digital dry bath incubator.

Making benchtop control of sample temperature easy and economical are Benchmark Scientific’s MyBlock Mini Dry Bath Incubators (100-240V). These compact digital dry baths can fit almost everywhere – in cars, boats or any place with a 12 volt power source. They provide a controlled dry heat environment for test tubes containing samples or specimens for various types of procedures.

MyBlock Mini Dry Bath IncubatorThe features of this versatile instrument include

  • Simple touch pad control with digital display with “set and walk away” temperature selection
  • Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Clear cover for temperature uniformity
  • Just 2 minutes for room temperature to 37°C
  • Comes with exchangeable heat blocks for 0.2 to 50ml tubes
  • Optional 12V power adapter

The difference between the dial scale setting and the temperature of the contents in the test tubes when the temperature is stabilized provides temperature accuracy. This portable Mini Dry Bath Incubator offers superior accuracy and features a non-heated cover for temperature uniformity as well as temperature stability.

Leading lab equipment suppliers offer MyBlock Mini Dry Bath Incubators at a competitive price.