VACUETTE® Blood Collection TubesProper blood collection procedure is crucial to ensure specimen integrity as well as accurate test results in medical laboratories. Reliable lab equipment suppliers offer Greiner Bio-One’s products for blood collection that are designed to ensure user safety as well as proper collection of samples for testing. The company offers a full range of vacuum blood collection tubes, from clotting tubes, serum and EDTA tubes to various specialist products.

Made of plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, these tubes are as clear as glass and virtually unbreakable during centrifugation, handling and transportation. Reliable results and simple use make VACUETTE® the primary tube for all popular analyzers.

Available in various draw volumes, tube sizes and capacities, these tubes are used for determinations in:

  • Citrated plasma for coagulation testing
  • Serum for clinical chemistry, microbiological, serology, immunology and TDM
  • Heparinized plasma for clinical chemistry
  • EDTA whole blood for hematology and immune-hematology
  • Blood sugar and lactate in stabilized whole blood or plasma
  • Sodium citrate solution for the measurement of the ESR

All tubes come with a safety cap. The use of a vacuum system eliminates the possibility of back flow occurring during sample collection. Its color coded rings offer additional visual identification of tube characteristics.

Reliable VACUETTE® tube models include

All tubes naturally bear the CE mark. Its special thick-walled tube design guarantees a longer shelf-life. It also features a safety cap for increased safety and simplified opening. These caps help to prevent aerosol effect, provides absolute transport security and simple re-capping.

Greiner Bio-One’s safety blood collection system also comprises multiple use drawing needles and various other sample collection accessories.