SpectrophotometersUV-Vis spectrophotometers have been in use for over three decades and are one of the most important analytical instruments in present day pharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical laboratories. UV-Vis spectrophotometry is also the preferred choice in processes to identify and measure organic and inorganic compounds in a wide range of processes and products including nucleic acids and proteins, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and foodstuffs.

Ultraviolet and visible radiation offer many impressive benefits, which contribute to their increasing popularity. Factors driving the demand for UV-Vis spectrophotometers:

  • Versatile – suitable for a wide range of lab applications
  • Easy to use – modern devices come with a modular design and easy-to-use software controls for convenient programming and digital display
  • Accuracy – Quality models such as the UNICO SQ-2802 series provide excellent performance
  • Feature-rich – the introduction of fiber optics have significantly improved the flexibility of UV-Vis spectrophotometers
  • Speed – Offer fast for diagnostics, day-to-day routine lab applications, and on-site testing
  • Ease of maintenance – new components ensure consumable-free operation
  • Economical – benchtop models do not take up much lab space

The UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a great choice if the active ingredient in the formulation has a moderately unique absorbance spectrum, without any unusual components. Many of UNICO’s models come with a large onboard memory is capable of storing up to 200 test methods, to meet demanding laboratory environments.