A laboratory centrifuge refers to a piece of motor-driven laboratory equipment that spins liquid samples at high speed. Centrifuges vary according to size and the sample capacity. Sorvall is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges. They offer a vast array of new as well as used laboratory centrifuges. Used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges are an economical option as compared to the high costs associated with new equipment. Once they are thoroughly refurbished, used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges ensure reliable performance.

Superior Refurbishment Strategies

Used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges are an affordable solution for many health care facilities. The used equipment is made to go through various processes to ensure that the refurbished end product rises to the standard of the original one. Following inspection by skilled professionals, the equipment goes through various stages including dismantling, repair, replacement of damaged parts, painting, etc. The product is finally put through quality control tests to ensure that it looks and works as good as new.

Laboratory centrifuges from Sorvall are designed with advanced features to ensure safe, consistent and error free operation. They offer fast and controlled acceleration and deceleration. They are designed with digital display for ensuring easy read out. Advanced versions are designed with specifications such as micro-processor control, self centering drive, programmable operation and built-in-timer. Due to the innovation of advanced features they offer CFC free operation. Various models of used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges available for purchase include RC-2B, RC-3B, RC-3C, RC-3C Plus, RC-5B and RC-5C.

Buy Used Sorvall Centrifuges from Standard Suppliers

If you plan to buy a used Sorvall centrifuge, choose a reliable supplier so that you get a good quality refurbished product. This would ensure installation services along with warranty options.