Chemistry analyzers are used in clinical laboratories to perform various tests on routine chemistry analytes such as magnesium, glucose, bilirubin, calcium, uric acid and so on. Buying brand new chemistry analyzers can prove quite expensive for laboratories with low budgets. The best solution would be for them to buy used chemistry analyzers that have been reconditioned and refurbished. The various processes involved in reconditioning ensure that the used chemistry analyzers meet the original manufacturer’s standards and specifications. Used chemistry analyzers for laboratories, once refurbished, are sold at a price much lower than the original, making them an affordable alternative to purchasing new.

Chemistry Analyzers – Used versus Brand New

A used chemistry analyzer that has undergone quality reconditioning is a very cost-effective option for laboratories as it would perform as effectively as a brand new piece. The equipment is made to go through various processes of repair and is refurbished to match the standards of the original product. After inspection by skilled engineers, the used chemistry analyzer is put through various stages such as disassembly, replacement, painting, repair, replacement and inspection of consumable items and other components, reassembly, cleaning and packaging. Once the reconditioning process is complete, the equipment is sent for a quality control check to ensure that it functions and looks as good as new.

Roche Diagnostics, Alfa Wassermann, Beckman, Elan Diagnostics, J & J, Olympus, Clinical Data, Dade are some of the leading manufacturers of chemistry analyzers.

Search Online for a Reliable Supplier

Before buying used chemistry analyzers for laboratories, it is advisable to do an online search to get a clear picture about what is on offer. Make sure that the reconditioned laboratory equipment conforms to the standards of the original manufacturer and is in good working condition. Check out prices and warranty options offered by various suppliers before making a decision.