Used centrifuges are affordable solutions for clinical laboratories running on tight budgets. They are invaluable tools for various types of clinical applications in medical research laboratories.



Models with Innovative Features

Centrifuges are generally used in laboratories for separation of solid particles from solutions based on their shape, size, viscosity and density. They are available in a range of finishes and makes; the models used may vary depending on the procedure performed. Preparatory and analytical models are some among them.

Today, you can find many manufacturers designing and developing many innovative models with advanced features and specifications. There are large capacity, high speed, multi purpose centrifuges, even with space saving designs that make them suitable for any laboratory centrifuging applications.

Used Products for Laboratories Running on a Tight Budget

Those who run medical centers and hospitals often strive hard to meet their routine laboratory research needs. Usually, laboratory products such as centrifuges demand huge investments on purchases, which become unaffordable for small and mid-sized laboratories. So naturally, people tend to bring down their lab expenses by choosing used models.

The used centrifuges you purchase may not be that defective. Most of them would be products slightly damaged during packing, or the ones returned to the dealers after a certain period of use. On reception of these products, the dealers fine-tune them by passing them through different processes of refurbishment. All these products are sold at half the amount of the newer ones, thereafter.

Branded Products for Reliable Performance

When purchasing a centrifuge for your lab, the run-up/run-down time, the footprint, the noise level and the overall quality of the products are vital factors to be considered. So it is important to consider the brand you are using. Beckman, IEC, Clay Adams, Sorvall and Unico are today’s popular manufacturers in the industry offering innovative models of centrifuges for medical laboratories. Their products are now made available through various dealers and distributors. Most of these dealers have online outlets and purchasing is now made easier by registering in their databases.