Hematology analyzers are used to examine the number and type of cellular and non-cellular elements present in blood and other bodily fluids. Quality hematology analyzers offer speedy, comprehensive and accurate blood count and differential leukocyte count. Hematology analyzers find wide application in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other related medical settings. As the equipment is very expensive, used and reconditioned hematology analyzers are an affordable alternative and in high demand.

Assured Quality at Affordable Price

Buying brand new laboratory equipment from well-known manufacturers is quite expensive and often unaffordable for small budget laboratory facilities. It is here that refurbished equipment serves a useful purpose. Used hematology analyzers are sold after they are repaired and reconditioned by expert technicians. The companies which refurbish hematology analyzers and other laboratory equipment replace the old or damaged parts with new and original ones. The equipment is reconditioned to match the original manufacturer’s standards and gets a new lease of life. Once reconditioned, it cannot be sold as a new product and would be even offered at half the price of new equipment. So buying used and reconditioned hematology analyzers is a very cost-effective solution for medical facilities.

Get Quality Checked Products from an Authentic Supplier

Check out the reliability of the supplier and the price quoted before purchasing a used or reconditioned hematology analyzer. It is important that the reconditioned equipment conforms to the standards of the original manufacturer and is in good working condition. The supplier should also offer full warranty on the refurbished equipment.