Hematology analyzers are used extensively in a variety of medical applications like blood count determination and counting the number of cellular and non-cellular elements in blood. Abbott is a leading manufacturer of hematology analyzers. As purchasing a brand new laboratory equipment is a costly affair, many modern research facilities prefer to purchase used instruments. Leading suppliers of reconditioned and recertified instruments provide used Abbot Hematology Analyzers to match the manufacturer’s standards at reasonable prices.

Cost Effective Solution without Compromising on Quality

A used product from a leading manufacturer offers multiple benefits. You can own a branded product at half the rate of new one. In order to attain a performance level to match the standards of new one, used Abbot’s hematology analyzers pass through many refurbishing processes including replacement of damaged parts.

Abbott offers several models of hematology analyzers with features such as:

  • High resolution color LCD monitor with 3 histogram display
  • Use impedance resistance to measure human cells
  • Closed tube sampling
  • Smaller sample requirements
  • Population specific flagging
  • Advanced and simplified data management and interpretation

Buy Used Abbott Hematology Analyzers from a Leading Supplier

Used Abbott Hematology analyzers should be purchased from reliable companies who do a good job in refurbishing and reconditioning this expensive piece of equipment. Compare prices, check working condition and warranty offered before making the purchase.