SpectrophotometerProper use and maintenance of all laboratory equipment is necessary for efficiency and safety in labs. Spectrophotometers are expensive devices. Some important tips of the safe installation and use of this equipment:

  • Use an electrical supply source that conforms with industry standards
  • Place the spectrophotometer in a clean environment and away from other devices that cause vibration (such as centrifuges)
  • Ensure routine maintenance by a trained and certified technician. Annual inspection would typically include the inspection of the area where the device is installed as well as electrical installation to ensure user safety
  • Test the general structure of the device – check buttons, control switches
  • Confirm that the mechanical components are in good condition
  • Make sure accessories, cable devices and terminals are clean and intact
  • Check the electrical components to avoid overheating

Take care to clean spills carefully and using the right procedures. Cuvettes should be rinsed in distilled water and with special cleaning material, if recommended by the manufacturer.

These are just a few basic tips. The best way to ensure the proper maintenance of all your instruments is to depend on your lab equipment supplier. A reliable dealer will offer timely solutions to ensure lab safety and reduce equipment down time.