Refurbished and recertified urinalysis analyzers are the perfect option for research laboratories with cost-sensitive budgets. Refurbished and recertified urinalysis analyzers cost much less but offer the same level of performance accuracy and consistency as brand new equipment.

Urinalysis Analyzers available in Diverse Models

Urinalysis analyzers are specifically designed for carrying out clinical urine tests in hospitals, healthcare facilities and laboratories. These devices are used tracking occult blood, glucose, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketone, nitrite, protein, PH, leukocyte and so on. Urinalysis analyzers are available in a variety of models from leading manufacturers including Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics. Popular models include Clinitek Advantus Analyzer, Clinitek Status, Clinitek 500, Clinitek 100, Clinitek Atlas and Clinitek 50.

Just as new equipment, refurbished and recertified models of these analyzers enable research functions to be carried easily, swiftly and accurately. The main features of a standard urinalysis analyzer are:

  • Two sieve functions
  • Large display with touch-sensitive action
  • Replaceable program card
  • Bar-code reader: to identify sample, color and clarity values
  • Immediate start-up mode
  • Non-spacing system
  • Flexible reporting options

Refurbished and Recertified to meet Manufacturer Specifications

Before recertification, used urinalysis analyzers go through a comprehensive reconditioning process. The equipment is thoroughly examined by experienced engineers and technicians to evaluate its operational efficiency. If the equipment requires renovation, they carry out the entire reconditioning procedures including parts replacement, disassembly, repair, reassembly and painting in accordance with the norms prescribed by the manufacturer. The refurbished equipment is tested for consistency and accuracy in performance before it is recertified.

Rely on Experienced Distributors

There are many well-known distributors offering refurbished and recertified models of urinalysis analyzers manufactured by leading companies. To purchase the equipment best suited for your facility, the best option would be to browse online and compare prices and models before making a decision. Purchase the refurbished and recertified urinalysis analyzer from an established dealer who can offer it at a budget-friendly price.