Hematology analyzers, blood gas analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, coagulation analyzers, urinalysis analyzers, spectrophotomters, CO-oximeters, osmometers – the list of chemistry lab equipment needed to enhance your clinical laboratory operations can be quite endless. Quality instruments are necessary to analyze samples accurately and provide test results that will allow physicians to formulate proper treatment protocols for patients. However, the snag is that investing in new medical laboratory equipment is an expensive proposition, more so in the current financial scenario. That’s where leasing facilities can help.Medical Laboratory Equipment

There are many advantages to leasing medical lab equipment. First, it allows you get the advantage of the latest technology without paying upfront for it. Find a leading lab equipment supplier that offers leasing options for state-of-the-art chemistry lab instruments from well-known brands. Getting a high quality immunoassay or chemistry analyzer on lease would go a long way in giving your medical lab that much needed competitive advantage.

Managing and controlling your budget becomes much easier when you rely on the leasing option. You don’t have to set apart huge funds to purchase expensive instruments. You can get the device or devices you need with a convenient monthly payment. By spreading out costs over a number of years, you can divert your working capital towards other important needs and supplies. Moreover, if you are just getting started, buying a lot of expensive lab equipment can greatly affect your cash flow and finances.

Leasing also allows you to avoid bank loans which can be difficult to pay off. Moreover, there is usually a tax benefit associated with leasing where you get to deduct the full lease payment straight away. The type of lease arrangement you enter into will determine your tax benefit.

Some lab equipment dealers offer reagent rental agreement plans which specify the number of tests per month you have to pay. The price paid per test would cover the cost of the device, reagents and consumables, and service for the duration of the agreement.

To enjoy all these benefits, always partner with a lab equipment supplier that can offer flexible leasing arrangements for high quality chemistry lab equipment.