Unico microscopes (student/monocular) are high in demand for purposes of high school biological research. These advanced laboratory instruments are well-known for their premium functionalities, and durable and reliable performance. They come with a range of different models backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Designed to ensure high-performance viewing, Unico microscopes can be sourced from reliable online stores of lab equipment.

Distinct Models of Unico Microscopes

Unico has developed four different series of microscope models for educational purposes – M220 Series, M15/M16, M220 LED Series and M250 Series. The features of each series are as follows:

M220 Series – All models which come under this category are par focal and par centered. Both inclined monocular head and dual head models, and models with “Teaching” heads are available under this series. They possess convenient stages for comfortably viewing the specimens. Certain models can be drilled and tapped to accept optional mechanical stages while others come pre-attached with mechanical stages. There are models with both tungsten bulbs and cool-lite fluorescent bulbs.

M15/M16 Series – The M15 series is a corded model, while the M16 is cordless. The M16 mainly functions on 3 disposable AA batteries or AC adapter. Both models have a bright, white light illumination, either with tungsten or LED bulbs.

M250 Series – The M220 LED series feature color-coded DIN achromatic 4, 10, 40 and 100x objectives and 10x widefield eyepieces. Reverse nosepiece, larger base and sturdier body construction are other features. Their optical surfaces are polished, sealed and coated with color correction, and anti-fungal and hardening agents to enhance the color perception.

M220 LED Series – The portable models of these classroom microscopes are ideal for use in any school laboratory. These are LED-illuminated, cordless, battery-operated microscopes. All other general specifications are identical to the corded models.

Arm-mounted cord wrap, dust cover and instruction manual are accessories included with Unico microscopes.