UNICO Laboratory Equipment – Efficient and DependableWith an uncompromised commitment to manufacturing quality laboratory equipment and accessories for clinical and research applications, UNICO has established itself as an industry leader. The company offers a diverse range of instruments for a wide variety of applications including microscopes, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, mixers and rotators.

Let’s take a look at a few innovative UNICO products that can streamline your lab processes and improve productivity:

  • Model M252 Dual Head Microscope: Designed for college level instruction and discovery, this microscope is a corded model which uses halogen illumination. Its features include color coded DIN achromatic 4, 10, 40 and 100x objectives, 10x wide field eyepieces and positive click-stop nose piece. This M250 series microscope has been recently updated with the reverse nosepiece, larger base and sturdier body construction adding more value for consumer’s money.
  • S-1000 VIS Spectrophotometer, 110V: This easy-to-use spectrophotometer is ideal for general analysis and experiments such as Beer-Lambert, Absorption Spectrum, Chlorophyll, and protein (biuret test). This reliable instrument comes with features such as built-in secondary filters, large digital display, 1/2 inch round tube holder, analog interface with external analog device and 10 mm square cuvette adapter.
  • PowerSpin LX C858, 110V / 60Hz: This centrifugal model, with a spinning speed of 4000 rpm, delivers cleaner, more complete separation of cellular components and produces a superior serum or plasma specimen. Other features include- Detachable power cord, light indicator and six or eight place rotor for 2 to 10 ml tubes.
  • L-TTR100 Tube Rockers: L-TTR100 is a heavy duty, almost silent mixer designed for years of everyday use. Features include compact size, a speed of 25 rocking cycles per minute, capacity to hold 8 tubes or mix of tubes and vials, and reversible and autoclavable pad.

Other quality products that UNICO offers include 2-key Differential Counter, L-BC3, Unico Pipette Shaker, 110 V (L-P600T), Model M250LED binocular microscope with LED and SQ2802 UV/VIS spectrophotometer, 110V-220V.

Backed by the industry’s best warrantees, these UNICO products are available in leading online lab equipment stores. Purchase from a reliable supplier will ensure excellent support for set-up and maintenance.