UNICO Colpo-Master I and Colpo-Master II Colposcopes are popular instruments in the medical industry today, as these deliver optimum performance in medical research facilities.


– Essential Tools for Effective Cervical Examination

Colposcopes are generally used in the medical facilities for examining the cervix, vagina and external genital area of the patients. They are excellent diagnostic tools for effective identification of cervical and gynecological disorders. Among the manufacturers of these products, Unico is the most popular. Unico offers Colpo-Master I and Colpo-Master II in different series.

Basic Specifications of Unico’s Colpo-Master I Models

Colpo-Master I colposcopes are equipped with smooth, continuous zoom 4 – 27x magnification with 20x eyepieces and sharp focus, which helps in 3D imaging. These devices won’t give you much eye strain while examining the cervix; they come with dual diopter adjustments for the user to make convenient adjustments of the focus of both right and left eyepieces. The number of legs and heads determine the series of these models. You can find models with binocular and trinocular heads, and 3 and 5 legged mobile bases. Stainless steel handle bars, locking casters and rock-steady suspension arms are the added features of the Colpo-Master I colposcopes.

Colpo-Master II Colposcopes with Innovative Features

Features of the Unico Colpo-Master II colposcopes are almost similar to Colpo-Master I. Certain models of the Colpo-Master II come with super bright LED bulb that powers the optic fibers’ illumination, and provide ample light for carrying out the examination. With the trinocular series of these models, you can find built-in C-mount camera adapter. Their adjustable height center posts help to conveniently adjust the positioning of the camera, while examining the patient.

Find Suitable Dealers for the Best Quotes

UNICO Colpo-Master I and Colpo-Master II Colposcopes are supplied with a certain period of warranty. They are now available with many dealers and distributors of medical equipment. You can search online, find a well established dealer, and get the best quotes for colposcopes for your medical facilities.