As a gadget which measures the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by a substance, the spectrophotometer is a key instrument in modern biomedical laboratories.

Unico 1200 Series Spectrophotometers – Built to ensure Precise Results

Unico 1200 series spectrophotometers are designed to ensure reliable and efficient operation. These sophisticated spectrophotometers facilitate absorbance, transmittance and concentration modes with automatic zeroing and blanking in a single push button. With their tool-free and alignment free lamp, they are suitable for any application. Their technology and accessories make them highly suitable in areas such as water testing and environmental and petroleum industry testing.

Unico 1200 series spectrophotometers are incorporated with a wide range of advanced technological features to deliver highly precise results. They are digital and fully programmable with 5 nm accuracy and push button and digital key pad wavelength change. The 1200 series comes with features such as flexible sample compartment, V-type round tube holder and square cuvette holder for different tube sizes, test tube holder, Windows based compatible software to assure easy data collection, external printer, dust cover and manual. The models in the Unico series are the S-1200 VIS Spectrophotometer, 110-V and the S-1200-E VIS Spectrophotometer, 220V.

S-1200 VIS Spectrophotometer, 110V

Advantages of opting for the Unico 1200 series spectrophotometers include:

  • Easy operation
  • Dynamic range of photometric results
  • Auto zero function
  • Solid state detector for entire wavelength range
  • Built in filters for easy operation
  • Wavelength range of 325-1000 nm

Competent Dealers for the Best Price

Buying the Unico model 1200 from an established supplier of laboratory equipment would get you this sophisticated spectrophotometer at an affordable price.