Triage BNP TestHealthcare professionals have to constantly strive to find new ways to measure and monitor chronic diseases. For instance, the incidence of heart disease has risen rapidly during the last few years, mainly because of changing lifestyles and dietary habits, Measuring heart disease has always been a challenge, especially in point-of-care settings.

BNP Test – Effective Measure of Heart Failure

Many recent studies point to the efficacy of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) in measuring heart failure and thereby facilitating early treatment. What is BNP? Put simply, it’s a protein produced by your heart and blood vessels. This protein relaxes blood vessels and helps eliminate bodily fluids. Measuring blood levels of BNP allows physicians to identify signs of congestive heart failure in the early stages.

So when an efficient product to measure BNP hits the market, health care providers are naturally excited. Take the Triage® BNP Test. The first objective measurement for heart failure, the Triage® BNP Test is the only CLIA waived blood test measuring BNP.

The Triage® BNP test system offers many advantages:

  • It provides a quick and accurate assessment of BNP from whole blood within 24 hours in a point-of-care setting
  • Diagnostic accuracy is confirmed for early- and late-stage heart failure in point-of-care setting as well as for patients with normal and abnormal ejection fractions
  • Studies show that the system can also predict systolic and diastolic left ventricular dysfunction
  • It omits the need for time-consuming preparation, centrifugation, extraction, and incubation steps

The rapid measurement of BNP is proving very useful in faster diagnostic evaluation and treatment of heart disease, though looking at other risk factors is also very necessary.

Triage BNP Test System for Your Clinical Practice

The Triage BNP Test System is available at leading online medical equipment stores. Make sure you buy it from dealer that offers the product at a discounted price as well as prompt shipping.