Medical Lab Equipment SupplierHigh quality lab equipment is critical to ensure accurate and speedy results in any healthcare setting. When choosing a lab equipment supplier, laboratories must keep quality and cost considerations in mind. Here are few tips to choose the right vendor:

  • Vast product line – A reliable dealer will stock a wide variety of equipment that labs requires, such as clinical analyzers, centrifuges, microscopes, drug test cups, reagents, controls and other accessories. Choose a supplier that offers products from leading brands such as Abbott Laboratories, Siemens Beckman Coulter, Thermo Scientific, and Roche Diagnostics.
  • Online store – An established lab equipment supplier will have an online store where customers can choose the products they need. The convenient online option allows labs to compare the features, functionalities and prices of different products, choose the ones they need, and place orders.
  • Budget-friendly options – A professional dealer will offer both new as well as refurbished equipment that does not compromise in quality. Refurbished devices are an ideal solution for laboratories with budget constraints, as they can acquire advanced devices without huge capital investments. Professional suppliers would also guarantee that the reconditioned products are defect-free for up to three months from the date of delivery.
  • Prompt delivery – While choosing a dealer, make sure they provide secure and prompt delivery of the products purchased online. A reliable medical laboratory equipment supplier will make a sincere effort to ensure timely product delivery even to laboratories in international locations.
  • Onsite installation and maintenance – Reputable vendors provide services of factory trained technicians with the expertise to provide onsite installation support as well as maintenance solutions. Customers will also benefit from on-site annual service contracts, equipment familiarization sessions following installation, Preventive Maintenance (PM) service, and depot service contracts.
  • Leasing and reagent rental options – Many established suppliers offer lab equipment leasing, an option that allows labs to benefit from the latest technology without having to pay for it upfront. Some vendors offer a reagent rental program, where an analyzer will be placed in the laboratory in exchange for the guaranteed purchase of reagents over a period of time.