Consider the following when purchasing a spectrophotometer for your lab:Unico S-1100 VIS Spectrophotometer, 110V

  • Single or double beam model: A double beam spectrophotometer offers many advantages over its single beam counterpart, such as enhanced accuracy with continuous automated correction for irregularities in the light beam. The single beam model is also useful in the sense that it is simpler to handle and has fewer moving parts that would wear out or become misaligned.
  • New or recertified: Buying brand new offers the advantage of the latest technology. A recertified model would cost less and is a great alternative when budget is the main constraint.
  • Features: Consider and evaluate features such as ease of use, analysis speed, size of sample compartment, flexibility and most important, analysis speed.
  • Optional features to consider: These include PC download software and PC Windows® application software for easy data collection, printer interface, and solid silicon photodiode detector. UNICO spectrophotometers come with many such useful options.
  • Upgrades: Premium quality spectrophotometer offer online software upgrade capability. This is useful to meet expanding lab requirements.

Purchase your spectrophotometer from a lab equipment supplier that offers professional installation, equipment familiarization session and training, and economical, customized service contracts.