Timely repair and maintenance services for your lab equipment ensure the accuracy of diagnostic reports, and help to maintain the durability and consistent performance of the device. Laboratory devices that function well allow researchers to carry out analytical procedures easily and obtain accurate and timely results.

Enhance Performance Stability of you Lab Equipment

The frequent and prolonged use of laboratory devices lead to wear and tear, and this could result in operational inconsistency. Malfunctioning equipment is hazardous, especially if it produces inaccurate results for tests and experiments. Therefore, advanced lab equipment needs intensive maintenance.

Whether your laboratory equipment is brand new or recertified, it is necessary that its performance is evaluated frequently and that it is reconditioned promptly. Though modern laboratory devices are designed with sophisticated technology and specifications, proper and timely post-purchase maintenance services is important to ensure smooth and accurate functioning.

Reputable CCR certified laboratory equipment suppliers offer consistent repair and maintenance services for research laboratories in busy healthcare facilities, government organizations, universities and private organizations. They have an experienced team of factory-trained technicians who can undertake maintenance and refurbishing services for all kinds of new and used laboratory devices. These professionals provide quality revamping services to ensure that your equipment functions like new.

Before scheduling the reconditioning procedures, these professionals perform a thorough evaluation of your lab equipment. They carry out revamping procedures such as disassembling, replacement of parts, cleaning, reassembling, packaging and other related processes, precisely following the specifications of the original manufacturers. Further, the revamped devices are tested at various instances to ensure flawless performance and reduce equipment downtime.

Professional Repair and Maintenance Services for all Laboratory Devices

Professional repair and maintenance services are offered for all kinds of equipment such as flow cytometers, coagulation analyzers, microscopes, immunoassay analyzers, centrifuges, densitometers, colposcopes, DNA analyzers, co-oximeters, histology and cytology equipment, chemistry analyzers, autoclaves, mixers and shakers, incubators, and more. These technicians ensure that your device meets all the prescribed industry specifications and safety standards. Besides, they also offer suggestions about the practicality of retaining particular devices or replacing them with brand new models. Lab equipment repair and maintenance packages that experienced suppliers offer cover the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) service
  • Lab equipment repair
  • Service contracts for lab device repair
  • Customized on-site annual service contracts
  • In-house service and repairs
  • Time and material service visits
  • Laboratory equipment outfitting and sales
  • Extended warranties
  • Depot service contracts covering all parts and labor for many smaller pieces of equipment
  • Ongoing personal support services

Core Benefits of Lab Equipment Service and Repair

Timely maintenance services for your laboratory equipment ensure accurate and timely performance of research functions. Moreover, these services enhance the efficiency of your research facility as well. The efficient maintenance and revamping services offered by established laboratory equipment suppliers ensure the following additional benefits:

  • Reduces the expenses that would be needed to buy brand new devices
  • In-house servicing saves time
  • If the devices are refurbished and recertified, they are offered with extended warranty.

Seek Services of an Experienced Distributor

Timely repair and maintenance services for your lab equipment prevent frequent breakdown. To obtain standard reconditioning and maintenance solutions for research appliances, it is necessary to seek the services of an experienced distributor. Their professional services would ensure that the device is back in good working condition within a minimum span of time.

A comprehensive web search in online directories and the yellow pages can lead you to a reliable CCR certified supplier offering timely services for advanced equipment from leading manufacturers. Browsing search engines with the right search phrases would also help you in your search. Reviewing articles, blogs, testimonials, and press releases can also direct you to the right dealer.