Research laboratories in universities and government institutions may sometimes sell used lab equipment when they want to free up lab space or buy new equipment.

Tips for Selling your Lab Equipment

Getting in touch with an established dealer of laboratory devices is one of your best options when it comes to getting a good price. Some tips to consider while making a sale are:

  • Find a good buyer: This should preferably be an online CCR certified vendor. Such vendors can ensure reasonable prices.
  • Check out shipping regulations: While there are usually no regulations associated with the online sale of lab equipment, see if there are any rules in your region or state for shipping of the item.
  • Proper description: Make sure that the equipment is described properly when you put it up for sale, online or otherwise.
  • Directory posts: Post your product in industry directories. This is where many buyers instinctively look.
  • Condition of the equipment: Make sure you know about the condition of the equipment you are selling in order to be able to assess its actual value and price.
  • Specifications : Most dealers have a good idea about different kinds of lab equipment, manufacturer, and model. Providing them with the right information on year of manufacture, manufacturer, model, years of use, and so on can help you get the right price for it.
  • Reliable dealer : To sell your lab equipment, always partner with a reliable and experienced dealer. Such a dealer can make a good assessment of the devices you wish to sell and ensure you a good deal.

CCR-certified Vendors refurbish Used Equipment

Selling your lab devices to a CCR-certified vendor also assures that the equipment is put to good use. These vendors not only sell new devices but they also refurbish all the equipment sold to them. Different kinds of equipment find a ready market with them:
chemistry analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, spectrophotometers, microscopes, balances and centrifuges.

After they buy the equipment, they put it through a process of refurbishment before they put it up for sale at a reasonable price. Small labs and other facilities operating on a low budget benefit greatly from the purchase of such equipment. Trained experts thoroughly inspect the equipment, put it through different stages of refurbishment and replace parts if necessary. The laboratory equipment is quality-tested to ensure that it meets original manufacturer specifications. The recertified products are offered for sale with parts warranty, usually 90 days.

Besides service contracts, time and material service visits, and in-house service, many vendors also offer reagents, controls, and consumables along with the recertified products they sell.

Find the Right Buyer

When you sell your lab equipment, it is important to thoroughly search the web to find the right buyer. Look through the yellow pages and online directories for CCR-certified vendor listings. Comparing the prices and services offered by different dealers can help you find the right buyer.