If you are looking for a versatile and economical chemistry analyzer for a small laboratory, the Dade Dimension Xpand is an excellent option. This model offers an extensive test menu covering general chemistries, electrolytes, enzymes, toxicology, endocrinology, cardiac and tumor markers, therapeutic drug monitoring, urine drugs of abuse screening, specific proteins, and more. It facilitates full disease state profiling on a single system. Individual cartridge capacity varies between15 and 240 tests.

The Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM is specially designed to improve efficiency and enhance capacity:

  • Offers a simple and efficient reagent cartridge system for safe reagent management with automatic updating of parameters and easy reagent loading and unloading
  • Is user-friendly and easy to operate: new samples can be easily loaded into the segments of the sample wheel at any time. STAT samples are processed them with top priority
  • Avoids the need for pre-sorting the sample tubes: sample tubes of different sizes can be accommodated in any desired sequence
  • Makes heterogeneous immunoassays as easy as routine testing
  • Integrated system eliminates unnecessary sample splitting
  • Multisensor technology ensures fast electrolytes
  • Disposable cartridges can perform up to 3000 tests
  • Cuvette system designed for safe handling of waste
  • Offers over 80 methods

This state-of-the-art specialty chemistry analyzer is also compact and space efficient. Its ergonomic design offers more flat working surface. It can help lab personnel save valuable time: there is no sample pretreatment for any operation, sample loading is simple and the time required for maintenance is less than ten minutes a day. This product is available recertified with a 90-day warranty.