Clinitek AtlasUrinalysis (UA) is the simply the analysis of urine, a test routinely performed in clinical laboratories to diagnose and screen patients for urinary tract infections (UTI), kidney disease, bladder cancer, diabetes, hypertension and so on. It can also reveal genetically derived metabolic disorders, substance abuse, exposure to toxins, inadequate or excessive fluid intake and the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports. UA helps physicians detect diseases before outward symptoms appear and also allows them to monitor and treat existing medical conditions.

Urinalysis has helped make important discoveries in recent times. According to a report published last year, bacteria are present in the bladders of some healthy women, falsifying the usual assumption that normal urine is sterile. Another new study suggests that there are long patterns of sodium storage in the body and that a 24-hour sample may not be good enough to determine salt intake. Recent research has also found that the chronic kidney disease is itself a strong indicator of the risk of death and end-stage renal disease even in patients without hypertension or diabetes.

All these findings are clearly indicative of the rising importance of UA. Leading manufacturers of medical lab equipment have come out with new and innovative automated urinalysis analyzers offering consistent and accurate results in minimal time. For instance, the family of Clinitek urinalysis analyzers from Siemens provides exceptional performance. While the Clinitek Atlas works well in any lab setting, the Clinitek 50 is specially designed for smaller labs. Competitively priced new and recertified Clinitek urinalysis analyzer models are available at leading laboratory equipment stores.