Sysmex CA-540Coagulation testing helps healthcare professionals determine the correct dose of anticoagulant and antithrombotic agents to be administered before, during, and after the surgical procedure. Like most clinical lab tests, coagulation testing too has its challenges. Results have to be accurate, provided in quick time and at low cost. This has led to the development of quality automated coagulation analyzers which permit offer fast and economical testing in physicians’ offices and labs of all sizes. One such automated coagulation system leading the market is the Sysmex CA540 from Siemens.

The Sysmex CA540 meets all the requirements of a small-volume lab coagulation analyzer.

  • Compact, fully automated
  • User-friendly system: simple touch screen interface, LIS bi-directional communication, and removable reagent trays
  • Can perform 12 coagulation assays
  • Offers immunologic, coagulation and chromogenic measurements in true random access
  • Automates d-dimer testing which helps in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism
  • Built-in printer for easy management of test results
  • On-board quality control (QC) package ensures reliable patient results
  • Scalable menu ideal for low-volume labs and as a backup for larger Sysmex instruments
  • Can be used in labs of all sizes

To help labs offer coagulation testing at reduced costs, leading lab equipment suppliers offer the Sysmex CA540 recertified. Used equipment is inspected and refurbished to meet original manufacturer specifications. Parts are repaired or replaced if necessary and the analyzer is recertified before being put up for sale at a competitive price.