ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay SystemImmunoassay tests are performed to detect or quantify an analyte in a blood or body fluid sample using an immunological reaction. They can determine the presence of drugs, hormones, specific proteins, tumor markers and markers of cardiac injury. Reliable lab equipment dealers offer automated immunoassay platforms that can provide accurate and timely medical information for clinicians. The ADVIA Centaur CP from Siemens Healthcare is one such immunoassay system. It is specifically designed to enhance lab efficiency, streamline workflow, and decrease costs, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Ideal for mid-volume labs, this surprisingly powerful and fast bench top system can enhance a laboratory’s in-house testing capabilities. With a broad menu and short turnaround times (TAT), the system allows labs to perform more tests without compromising efficiency, productivity, or quality. It can process up to 180 tests per hour in a turnaround time (TAT) of just 15 minutes for most assays.

Easy to operate, this immunoassay test instrument offers the excellent sensitivity and specificity expected from direct Chemiluminescent with Acridinium Ester technology. Other features:

  • Ready-to-use barcoded reagents
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Windows®-based software
  • Disposable pipette tips (zero carry over)
  • Automated clot detection
  • Satellite and STAT facilities that reduce time to result
  • Sample and reagent bubble detection to ensure quality results
  • Simple maintenance requiring minimal hands-on time

With the capacity to fit in several different scenarios, the ADVIA Centaur CP system can be used to run tests from the satellite laboratory to the core laboratory utilizing the same technology and reporting the same quality results. With this advanced instrument, labs can stay ahead of their growing test volume.

When it comes to performing routine and specialized testing without sacrificing efficiency, another Siemen’s product, the ADVIA Centaur® XP system, is an ideal choice. This system offers a high throughput, up to 240 tests/hour and can operate continuously without interruption. With more onboard reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities, it can handle large volumes and various types of tests.