STAT-Site® M Hgb MeterHemoglobin is a diagnostic tool for anemia. Point-of-care hemoglobin testing is being increasingly used to provide rapid results in many clinical settings as it helps red blood cell transfusion decision making. By reducing turnaround time, point-of-care blood tests also improve lab workflow. Stanbio’s innovative STAT-Site® MHgb Meter makes hemoglobin testing quick and easy, reducing personnel training and improving performance. Its state-of-the-art electronics are designed for optimum performance and reliability.

This battery-operated, completely portable analyzer fits in the palm of your hand. Less invasive than any other blood test, it provides significant advantages in terms of time, cost and patient comfort. The system provides precise hemoglobin analysis in seconds with just a single drop of fingerstick blood, thereby promoting immediate treatment, improved patient outcomes, and lowering costs. Moreover, unlike other competing systems, the STAT-Site® MHgb is virtually maintenance-free.


  • Methodology: Reflectance photometry
  • Principle: Azidemethemoglobin
  • Sample Type: Whole blood
  • Sample Size: 1 drop (approximately 12 μL)
  • Linearity: 6 to 21 g/dL
  • Within Run Precision CV: 3.5% to 4.9%
  • Total Precision CV: 2.9% to 4.2%
  • Calibration: Automatic (CODE Key)

With its self-prompting graphics, this smart analyzer guides you through the simple test procedure. The device also comes with a “Last Result” feature that allows you to recall the last hemoglobin result.

The STAT-Site® M Hgb Meter as well as the STAT-Site® M Hgb Starter pack with a hemoglobin test meter, test cards, and hemoglobin controls are available in online lab equipment stores. Purchase from the right lab equipment supplier will ensure a cost-effective deal.