StanBio Excel - A Compact and Versatile Chemistry AnalyzerTechnological advancement and automation have resulted in the manufacture of quality chemistry analyzers clinical designed to offer accurate and fast results. However, before purchasing an analyzer, laboratories have to consider certain factors:

  • The throughput capabilities of the analyzer and whether it can meet the required turnaround time
  • Can the analyzer offer results within minutes as this is important for urgent samples
  • The type of tests offered – this can be different for a physician’s office lab and for a commercial reference lab
  • Whether it would take up a lot of lab space or not
  • Whether it is user-friendly and convenient

The StanBio Excel is a compact chemistry analyzer that meets these conditions. With advanced software and hardware, the Excel features a compact filter photometer controlled by a microprocessor. The use of a bichromatic optical system eliminates interferences caused by sample or cuvette quality and ensures hospital quality results. This open format system accommodates 120 programs with 88 user defined assays. All Stanbio standard routine chemistries are programmed into the analyzer.

The Excel displays easy-to-follow instructions for each test on its screen as well as results in a user-defined format. Test samples are read using a flowcell module with adjustable aspiration volume and automatic waste level detector to minimize reagent consumption, making this system a very cost-effective one. The Excel chemistry analyzer features completes all calculations and offers test results within minutes. The built-in graphic printer ensures hardcopy patient records. It is can handle endpoint, kinetic and EIA assays. A wide range of Stanbio liquid and powder reagents are also available.

Weighing just 6.4 kg, the StanBio Excel is a great lab companion. Leading online laboratory equipment stores offer this versatile chemistry analyzer at an attractive price.