Sorvall is a leading manufacturer of centrifuges for clinical labs. Nowadays Sorvall centrifuges for clinical labs find greater demand due to their reliable performance with minimum maintenance. They are used in clinical labs to separate particles of varying density from a solution. The particles may be biomolecules, insoluble compounds, or cells.

Various Models of Centrifuges from Sorvall

RC-2B, RC-3B, RC-3C, RC-3C Plus, RC-5B, RC-5C are versatile centrifuges from Sorvall. They vary widely in speed, features and capacity. They offer ensured safety with a vast array of features.

Integration of Advanced Features for Top Quality Products

Sorvall centrifuges are unsurpassed in their handiness, efficiency and flexibility. They are equipped with a number of advanced features to improve performance. These centrifuges offer fast acceleration with controlled deceleration. You can also find advanced models with automatic programmed acceleration. Improved versions of these centrifuges are designed with modern specifications such as programmable operation, self centering drive, built-in timer and micro-processor control. Due to consolidation of efficient rotors and adapters, these centrifuges offer reliable performance. They are incorporated with electrical circuit breaker for automatic shut-off. You can find different versions of centrifuges for clinical purposes with the following features:

  • Refrigeration option
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Various indicator lights
  • Adjustable speed setting
  • Digital display for easy readout
  • Timer, hold and brake
  • A simple on or off switch

Top Quality Centrifuges from Leading Distributors

Sorvall is a leading manufacturer of clinical centrifuges. You can find a number of dealers offering centrifuges for clinical labs. If you are planning to purchase Sorvall centrifuges for your clinical labs, compare the various dealers offering these products so that you can find a dependable dealer. Such a dealer would help you select the right product within your budget. They also provide warranty services along with initial installation.