So-Low is a leading manufacturer of laboratory freezers. Laboratory professionals find extensive application for these units due to high level of quality construction, dependability, efficiency, exceptional quality and unequalled value. So-Low laboratory freezers are fabricated in such a manner so as to assure reliable heavy duty performance.

Prominent Constructional Features of So-Low Laboratory Freezers

The constructional features include a galvanized interior made of non-corrosive steel. This galvanized coated stainless steel improves temperature conductivity more effectively than stainless steel. Hence stress on the compressors gets reduced which makes them run cooler and longer. The exterior of this equipment is made of cold rolled steel. Proper insulation is achieved by providing polyurethane of minimum 5 inches along with sub lids and double sealed gaskets.

Refrigeration system used is of cascade type with two hermetic type compressors. The refrigerants are CFC and HCFC free. It employs a large air cooled condenser along with copper tubing.

The unique feature seen only in these freezers is dual display digital control. In order to display actual interior temperature and set point temperature, two separate LED displays are provided. This ensures that the freezer is operating at the correct temperature. The digital alarm system consists of:

  • Audio and visual display
  • Audio silence switch
  • Alarm test switch

So-Low laboratory freezers enjoy great demand due to their optimum functionality. Before delivering the fully equipped model to the customer, it is fully tested under most demanding conditions. The constant low set-point operating temperature is obtained even during warm temperature conditions. All these features provide the user with easy operation and low maintenance.

Get Value Added Services from an Esteemed Dealer

So-Low laboratory freezers available in a variety of models find extensive application. These models can be purchased from an established dealer, who will ensure that you receive the most worthy products at affordable cost.