Medica EasyCell® Assistant Peripheral blood smear evaluation is a specialized task. Automated hematology analyzers provide precise information about blood cell count – white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. They also identify specimens with abnormal cells. Examining manual differentials where the shape, size and color of standard cells are compared can be quite challenging as examiners may differ in the interpretation of the details observed in the specimen.

The Medica EasyCell® Assistant is an affordable, user-friendly solution to simplify manual differentials and to ensure accurate results. It features state-of-the-art image processing technology that can:

  • Automatically Identify 100 to 200 white cells on a blood smear, compare and pre-classify them, group them by cell type, and display the results for review on its LCD screen
  • Show immature, abnormal and unrecognized cells separately
  • Review red cell morphology
  • Record platelet estimate and morphology

Besides offering accuracy, this hematology analyzer greatly improves lab efficacy. It features software that can be installed on lab computers to create additional review stations for access to all patient and physician data. This enhances operational efficiency as more staff can be asked to review the image results. Moreover, difficult cases can be conveniently referred for expert opinion. Monitoring quality and maintaining consistency in results is simplified as sample results can be easily reviewed by the lab manager.

The EasyCell assistant is also a great time- and cost-saver. As it suggests the correct classification of normal cells, the technologist needs less time to carry out manual differentials and locate the abnormal cells. Other capabilities include walk-away operation, automatic data access, facility to print results, storage capacity of 10.000 slides, bar coding, and LIS connectivity.