Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Team UpClinical laboratories utilize molecular diagnostics for early and more accurate detection of disease. Molecular testing involves measurement and analysis of DNA and RNA at the molecular level to detect changes in biochemical pathways. The aim of performing these tests is to determine the location of a disease and its activity. One of the most recent developments in this area is the announcement of a new tie-up between Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Scientific to provide customers with one of the most advanced solutions for molecular testing.

The new solution involves integrating Thermo Fisher’s real-time PCR system into Siemens’ VERSANT® kPCR Molecular Solution. This will help laboratories to benefit from Siemens’ complete molecular testing solution, which helps ensure high performance from extraction through detection. It will also provide more flexibility and customization to the molecular laboratory workflow.

Thermo Fisher’s easy to use real-time PCR instruments are designed for mid-throughput and offer an ideal solution for users who need a high-performance instrument with features for maximum experiment control. It is expected that along with Thermo Fisher’s proteomic, genomic and assay technologies, this test can predict or distinguish between benign and aggressive cancers, thereby reducing the number of biopsies required without compromising the number of actual cancers diagnosed.

A recent report on global molecular diagnostics market from WISE GUY Reports also positions Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Scientific among the key vendors operating in the market. Other players include Abbott Laboratories, Roche Diagnostics and Qiagen. The report predicts that the molecular diagnostics market to grow at a CAGR of 10.38% during the period 2016-2020.