Siemens Chemistry AnalyzersClinical chemistry analyzers test for analytes such as proteins, enzymes, and electrolytes. Applications include monitoring of diseases such as diabetes, testing for metabolic functions or cardiac markers, and drugs-of-abuse testing. The chemistry systems from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics are a popular choice for their comprehensive menu, decreased turnaround time and accuracy.

High Performance Chemistry Analyzers from Siemens

Dimension Xpand Plus – The easy-to-use Dimension platform provides the confidence that every trained operator can run any test, any time. It can perform over 90% of critical assays and 47 assays onboard concurrently. The instrument comes with integrated capabilities for maximum efficiency in a compact space. Features include:

  • Automatic reflex testing
  • Auto-calibration for electrolytes
  • Sample level sense warns of low volumes prior to processing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low calibration frequency

Dimension EXL200 Integrated Chemistry System – With patented Chemiluminescent Technology and automated productivity-enhancing features, this system provides fast and reliable results. It is ideal for use in both the low-volume and STAT laboratories. Features include:

  • Excellent STAT testing capability
  • Integration of chemistry and immunoassay with a comprehensive menu
  • Fewer manual tasks
  • Short reaction times
  • Plasma qualified assays
  • Fully automated onboard pretreatment (when required)
  • Direct water connection
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

ADVIA 1800 – An ideal option for mid-to high-volume chemistry analysis, this system comes with a throughput of up to 1,800 tests per hour, thus keeping pace with workload peaks. Its extensive and growing menu allows integration of general clinical chemistry testing with testing for drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), special chemistry and specific proteins like Cystatin C and CardioPhase® hsCRP. Features include:

  • Minimal-maintenance ISEs
  • Remote diagnostics and ILQC (Inter-Laboratory Quality Control) options
  • High-resolution touch-screen that delivers push-button operation

When choosing a clinical analyzer, make sure to research the instrument’s throughput capability, testing speed, and test menu. Purchase from an experienced lab equipment dealer in NY would ensure maintenance solutions and ongoing technical support.