Ohaus Adventurer Pro 2100g x 0.1gLaboratory tests that require high accuracy and precise weighing are best performed using analytical balances. Electronic analytical balances have replaced many other types in modern laboratories as they are highly sensitive to factors such as pressure, temperature, local gravitational field, humidity, ventilation and vibration currents, and so on.

Points to Consider when Choosing an Analytical Balance

Though the analytical balances are simple and easy to use, there are many factors that need to be considered when selecting one for your lab. The most important is reliable measurement. The productivity of the lab depends upon the results that the analytical balance generates. Precision reduces lab measurement risks. Selecting a suitable balance requires an understanding of how the balance works, the factors that affect balance reading, and most important, the need for ongoing checks and calibration.

The lab should first define an acceptable weighing uncertainty for the processes that it undertakes and then use this to define the required precision. The analytical balance that it purchases should meet this definition. Other important factors in determining choice:

  • Easy access weighing chamber to facilitate ease of use and operation
  • Ability to enter data on sample identity
  • Color screen (to minimize reading errors)
  • Built-in applications
  • Multiple interface options for open-architecture connectivity
  • Protection against external influences
  • Corrosion defense
  • User convenience and safety
  • Software capabilities, including user guide
  • Internal calibration capability
  • Spare parts, warranty and service

The Ohaus Adventurer Pro 2100g x 0.1g Balance – in a Class of its Own

Meeting all these requirements and more is the compact Ohaus Adventurer Pro 2100g x 0.1g. Considered the industry’s most versatile balance, it counts, sums, holds and provides traceable results. It features:

  • Easy access ensured with a frameless Draftshield featuring readily removable doors
  • Stainless steel bottom for fast and easy cleaning
  • SmarText™ Software to guide users through balance use and setup
  • QuadraStance™ Design for superior weighing stability on any surface
  • Option for weighing accuracy with InCal™ internal calibration
  • Optional factory installed USB or second RS232 interface to allow connection to multiple peripherals

Purchasing your Ohaus Adventurer Pro 2100g x 0.1g from an established and reliable supplier of laboratory equipment ensures proper warranty, spare parts, and service.