Laboratory mixers designed for easier operations in experiments are useful solutions for handling an extensive range of mixing and blending applications. Among them Vortex Genie Mixers from Scientific Industries enjoy great demand in the medical industry.

Vortex Genie Mixers in Versatile Models

Generally, mixers are used in labs for mixing, disintegrating, homogenizing and dissolving samples. They can be found in different models and specifications. In today’s medical equipment market you can find an extensive selection of mixers including dual-shaft mixers, double planetary mixers, overhead laboratory mixers and more from a variety of manufacturers.

Vortex Genie mixers feature excellent performance and user friendly features. They are now available in different models such as Digital Vortex Genie 2, and mixers in series of 1, 2 and 2T. Features and specifications vary according to the model you choose. These models are also available with plugs and without plugs, according to the convenience of the user.

Sophisticated Features for Higher Performance

For ease of handling, Vortex Genie mixers come with digital control and display of speed and time. This will help you produce accurate results for the experiments you carry out. The device is made out of heavy zinc die casting for durable performance. One of the striking features of these mixers is their racks. They conveniently eliminate the need for additional holders and racks for holding test tubes, small vessels or flasks that are required in research applications. With all the models, there is a ‘Touch On’ button that ensures continuous functioning for a specific span of time. They are suitable for use in both cold rooms and incubators.

Find Suitable Models from Quality Dealers

For your broad range of clinical applications, today Vortex Genie mixers from Scientific Industries are available with many dealers and retailers. All you have to do is to find a reliable dealer to receive a quote for quality products for your labs.