Blood Collection and TestingThe blood culture is the lab test that is used to determine the presence of microorganisms or bacteria and fungi in the blood. Laboratories and healthcare providers need to utilize optimal microbiological systems and procedures for blood culture and interpret the results correctly. Prompt and accurate blood tests are important to improve patient care. Lab professionals should adhere to the following principles to ensure safe blood collection practices and accurate results

  • Obtain the physician’s order for sample collection
  • Use gloves in accordance with standard precautions
  • Ensure proper verification of the patient’s identity with an armband or area specific procedure before collection
  • Draw culture before the administration of antibiotics
  • Draw culture from venipuncture and not from lines
  • All specimens should be handled in accordance with universal procedures to prevent contamination and ensure safety
  • Label specimens appropriately and see that the requisition that accompanies the specimen is duly filled out
  • All specimens have to be delivered tightly sealed in leak proof containers to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection
  • Specimens for bacterial culture should be transported at room temperature unless otherwise specified

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