RochePhysicians who treat patients needing insulin therapy to manage Type 2 diabetes find it quite difficult to teach patients how to calculate insulin bolus (short term) dosing as it is dependent on several variables. Roche has come to the rescue with its new mobile ACCU-CHEK connect diabetes management app that provides insulin dosing recommendations. When blood sugar results and carbs are keyed in, this first-of-its-kind FDA-approved app informs the user as to how much insulin is needed.

At some point of time, most patients with type 2 diabetes will fail to respond adequately to oral hypoglycaemic drugs and will need insulin therapy. Calculating and taking the correct insulin dose is crucial to keep blood sugar on target. Adjusting short term or bolus insulin is usually easier than adjusting long term (basal) insulin dose, though this has to be done very carefully as errors in calculating bolus insulin dosage adjustments can have more severe consequences. The ACCU-CHEK Connect app provides correct bolus advice and allows easy tracking of the diabetes data.

This app provides information on how much insulin is needed based on the current blood glucose readings and planned food intake. A choice of reports helps patients identify trends and patterns in their blood sugar levels for better management of diabetes. This app is especially useful for those who take multiple daily injections of insulin and do not have access to a bolus calculator on an insulin pump. Its advanced features include:

  • Bolus Advisor, a prescription calculator which advises on doses based on blood glucose, carbohydrate consumption, planned food intake and current insulin regiments
  • Auto-transfer of blood glucose data from ACCU-CHEK Connect meter
  • Connection to an ACCU-CHEK Connect online personal account with additional diabetes management tools
  • 3-Day Profile – For meaningful blood sugar testing with reminders and charts
  • Logging of health events which influence blood sugar levels: meals (size, carbs, or calories), insulin, exercise, medications, blood pressure, weight and health state. Notes and photos can also be added

The Bolus Advisor is only cleared for prescription use and has to be activated by a healthcare professional with the appropriate knowledge to set it up. The app also comes with an option to share diabetes information with the healthcare team via connected online accounts, email or text message.

Mobile devices and apps have significantly increased access to point-of-care tools, supporting better clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes. However, experts point out that as self-medication errors are an accepted source of preventable harm, apps like dose calculators that impact medication use deserve coordinated scrutiny and action at national and international levels. Roche’s diabetes app product fulfils the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and is FDA-approved.