Roche’s Cobas Mira chemistry analyzers allow for the selective analysis of chemistries in either a routine or STAT mode. The units are fully programmable and ensure hassle-free operation. These systems are available refurbished in leading online lab equipment stores.

Roche’s Cobas Mira Chemistry Analyzers
This bench top analyzer includes 104 programmable test channels, 72 cuvette capacity, and an analysis interval of 25 seconds. The optional ISE module with new electrodes allows the automatic calibration of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+) and chloride (Cl) levels. With Laboratory Information System (LIS) options, the analyzer provides results in the format that the user requests.

Roche Cobas Mira Chemistry Analyzer in Four Models

  • Cobas Mira – This device can store 2100 patient results and perform a maximum of140 tests per hour. The operating software is structured for ease of use with clear and concise display screens. Features of the of the unit include microprocessor controlled XYZ pipetting system, simple rack handling, security system for laboratory-defined parameters, and 104 test channels including 23 preprogrammed methods.
  • Cobas Mira Plus – A combination of a discrete centrifugal analyzer and ion-selective electrode analyzer, the device comes with a throughput capacity of 144 tests per hour. It produces routine profiles, special chemistries, electrolytes, TDMs and drugs of abuse. It offers flexibility, convenience, reliability and versatility.
  • Mira Plus CC – This chemistry analyzer can conduct 132 tests per hour and the ISE module, up to 204 tests per hour. Features include random-access testing flexibility, extensive list of test menu including STAT capability, and reagent capacity up to 33 reagents. Though this machine uses the same advanced technology as the Roche Cobas Mira Plus, the automated cuvet changer (CC) enables lab operators to load up to 312 cuvets at a time and let the analyzer run without intervention.
  • Cobas Mira S – This computer-controlled discrete analyzer can be run in a combination profile and single test mode. This instrument’s features include an automatic cuvette segment changer, a reagent rack cooling system, an external keyboard and monitor, and a bar-code facility for the entry of test parameters, worklists and sample identification numbers. Other features include direct sampling capability, microprocessor controlled XYZ pipetting system, 104 test channels including 26 for profiles and 26 for ratio calculation, and capacity to hold 4000 patient results.

Purchasing a refurbished Cobas Mira analyzer is a practical and economical alternative for small and medium-sized laboratories with budget constraints.