By utilizing Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers, analysis of electrolytes in blood, plasma, serum and urine can be carried out in an easier and efficient manner. These analytical devices are the perfect choice for all contemporary laboratory settings including hospitals, point of care medical units, physician office laboratory facilities, other clinical laboratories and healthcare centers.

Highly Flexible and Consistent Electrolyte Analyzers

With the help of highly flexible and consistent Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers, physicians can systematically evaluate the exact medical condition of their patients and provide effective medications for stabilizing the electrolyte levels in the blood fluids. These electrolyte analyzers are available in a range of models with different functionalities. The popular models include AVL 9180, AVL 9130 and AVL 982.

Sophisticated Technology to Ensure Accurate Analytical Reports

To help the researchers obtain accurate evaluation results within a minimum span of time, Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers are integrated with advanced, easy to use features. The important functionalities one can find in Roche AVL 9130 model electrolyte analyzers include:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Occupies small counter space
  • Microprocessor-controlled technology
  • Time saving calibrations
  • Interactive dialog program
  • Disposable electrodes

The different models of Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers are provided with built in thermal printer that can even hold the minutest data of every test including sample number, mode, test results and date and time of analysis. Besides, some of the models are integrated with additional features such as test panels, cassette system and cuvette holders as well.

Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers can also monitor the entire functioning and notify the user on the optimum times to carry out preventive maintenance, ensuring added handiness and smooth operation.

Acquire Products from Experienced Dealers

When planning to purchase Roche AVL electrolyte analyzers for your research laboratory, it is extremely important to find reliable distributors in the industry. Experienced dealers can assist you in getting branded models with sufficient warranty completely satisfying your application requirements, at cost-effective prices.