Roche GeneWEAVESwiss pharmaceutical giant Roche recently signed a definitive agreement to buy GeneWEAVE BioSciences, Inc. Based in Los Gatos, CA, USA, GeneWEAVE focuses on innovative, clinical microbiology systems and diagnostics solutions. This $425 million deal will provide Roche access to GeneWEAVE’s Smarticles technology and enhance its capabilities to fight drug-resistant bacteria.

The groundbreaking Smarticles technology is an innovative class of molecular diagnostics that can quickly identify multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) from clinical samples and determine which antibiotics will be effective in treating it, without the need for traditional culture or sample preparation processes. Fast and accurate diagnosis will allow physicians to make the right treatment decisions quickly.

GeneWEAVE’s first system in development is the vivoDx. This fully automated, random-access system is designed to meet the needs of clinical laboratories facing the diagnostic challenge of MDRO detection and antibiotic therapy guidance. The technology is currently being evaluated in multiple sites across the U.S.

According to the company’s press release, Roche will pay GeneWEAVE shareholders USD 190 million upfront and up to USD 235 million in contingent product related milestones.

COO of Roche Diagnostics Roland Diggelmann said, “With GeneWEAVE, we further strengthen our microbiology diagnostics offerings with cutting-edge technology that will aid in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria. This technology has the potential to provide healthcare professionals access to quick and accurate diagnoses that can lead to rapid, informed treatment decisions. We welcome GeneWEAVE’s employees, who will continue to focus on the development and manufacturing of diagnostics solutions based on the Smarticles™ technology.”

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