Reliable Immunoassay Reagents for Quality DiagnosticsImmunoassays play an important role in improving the health and well-being of humans as well as animals. Quick and accurate clinical immunoassay testing results can provide information on the gravity of illness by identifying and evaluating the progression of disease. By improving diagnosis and helping the physician provide the right treatment, immunoassay testing can shorten hospital stays.

Immunoassays help detect specific molecules and are based on the ability of an antibody to bind to the antigen in blood and tissue fluids. ELISA – Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay – is a popular method used to identify specific proteins in complex protein mixtures. Currently, ELISA refers to any plate-based immunoassay which could be enzyme based, chemiluminescence-based, or even fluorescence-based. Chemiluminescence readers offer more specificity. The type of system used will partly depend on user needs and comfort level.

Immunoassay reagent kits are available for different types of analyzers. Moreover, some are made for plasma, some for serum only, and others for plasma with EDTA or citrate. Clinicians need to ensure that they purchase kits compatible with the sample type. It’s important to go in for immunoassay reagents that offer a high degree of accuracy, sensitivity, precision and specificity. Industry leader Awareness Technology Inc offers ReQuest™ immunoassay kits that provide cost-effective and high performance diagnostic testing for TORCH, autoimmune panels, and infectious disease markers and more. These test kits are compatible with Awareness Technology’s® ChemWell® automated analyzer, and with Stat Fax® and ChroMate® microplate readers. Beckman Coulter, another global leader in diagnostic healthcare, also offers high-quality immunoassay reagents and calibrators.

Relying on a professional lab equipment supplier for immunoassay reagents is the ideal option to ensure high performance products that assure quality diagnostics.