Gamma counters are mainly used to perform Radio Immuno Assays (RIA). It’s a money saving option to buy refurbished or recertified gamma counters. Refurbished and recertified gamma counters meet all original specifications to ensure unflawed operation. IsoData is the leading manufacturer of gamma counters.

Refurbished and Recertified Gamma Counters Operate Just Like Brand New Products

Recertified and reconditioned products are an economical alternative for brand new products. These products are passed through various processes to meet original specifications. The various reconditioning processes are disassembly, repair, replacement, inspection of various components, reassembly, cleaning and packaging. The reconditioned gamma counter is sent for final quality checking. Reconditioned and recertified gamma counters offer the same features as that of new ones. They operate just like brand new products.

New as well as recertified gamma counters have the following features. They are available with ten or twenty detectors. Gamma counters are equipped with data reduction software and computer to plot histograms, Levy-Jennings plot and standard curve fittings. They can perform 100 sample counts in less than 7 minutes. Some models of gamma counters offer the option to accommodate tubes of different sizes. These are designed with dual labeling and two user adjustable channels. Other features seen in refurbished and recertified gamma counters are:

  • Normalization program
  • Automatic spill down correction
  • Variable window
  • Dual label

Buy Products from Quality Dealers

Today you can find a number of dealers offering new as well as refurbished gamma counters. It’s a daunting task to find refurbished and recertified gamma counters of superior quality. Find reliable dealers in the industry that take care to supply gamma counters in excellent working condition at affordable rate.